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The Cruisebox

Effortlessly access Google Maps and Waze on the road without the need for a smartphone


Google Maps. provides navigation and displays traffic information.

Waze. Offers navigation, traffic updates and additional information not found on Google Maps.

Music Player. Custom-built music player. Enjoy music through an SD card.

Bluetooth Setting: Cruisebox does not use the car's Bluetooth. You can still connect your phone to the car.

Worldwide. The Cruisebox data plan works worldwide.

Wi-Fi. Use the Cruisebox through Wi-Fi connection.

Tefillas Haderech. Has Tefillas Haderech, text and audio readout.

Device Info. Displays your data balance, device update information.

Optional Updates. Install device updates at your own convenience.

My Places. Save your favorite addresses and start navigating.

Settings. Setup and customization options for various functions.

Split Screen. Our device allows you to have two apps open simultaneously.

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